How to be nice to my crush?

I need help on how to be nice to my crush. Lately whenever we FaceTime we just argue and it ends up with me doing something that upsets him and he gets upset. Does anyone have any tips on how I can be nicer and kinder to him? I miss his sweet, romantic side. When we'd wake each other up in the morning read each other manga and share stories, use cute nicknames, talk about the future, etc. But, now all it is lately is fighting all because I forced to tell him how he felt about me when he wasn't ready.


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  • However this goes, you've got to keep in mind that you can't control his reactions or emotions. It's possible that even if you're being nice to him, you still might end up arguing, because *he* wants to argue.

    The best you can do is not deliberately provoke. (which is polite with anyone :p )

    So don't go around thinking this is your fault. Unless you're being mean to him (and pressuring him to say he likes you isn't exactly a nice warm fuzzy thing to do. It's possible he's just using this as an excuse tho, so I can't comment more), you're not to blame. It's possible to have two people who want to be nice to each other who still end up arguing!

    What you can do in that situation is try and use some conversation/relationship techniques to ease some of that stress. There's lots of advice out there, and I'm feeling sick today, so I can't give you a great list right now. But things like not putting words/feelings/etc in his mouth (and recognizing that he may be doing it without realizing how upsetting it is), taking a break to say 'okay, tell me how you feel, and I'll listen,' or even 'hey, I like you, but this topic is upsetting to both of us. could we drop it for today?' That last works much better if you let him say something and then don't try and get a last word in... just let it go. It's not easy.

    Useful skills in life :)

    Hope some of that is applicable to your situation.


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  • wear something he likes maybe?

    • I've tried that, he wants me to be nice and kind and sweet. Not bitchy and spoiled like I have been lately. 😓

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    • Or just do stuff he likes and next we talk ignore him and have my headphones in. I'll try to make him notice me.

    • hmmmmm sure

  • You need advice on how to be a decent person?


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