Do you think its disrespectful?

basically.. me and my boyfriend arranged yesterday that he will come mine instead of watching a film. we agreed to meet at 6pm after work when we texted today to each other around 3pm today to afgree. he texted me 30 min before we suppose to meet and said that director offered him free tickets to go and watch football. Obviously i told him that it is very disrespectful. he started saying that he loves football and i should have said have fun.

i texted him saying that you can cancel. he said he could do and really doesn't know what to do as his work might get angry and he really wants to go. he said he will be asked to do stuff more and more where i think now if we arrange to do something he might cancel.

i just felt very upset and disrespected. he arranged something with me and suddenly his director says you going etc with mates and he can't even say no or tried to explain to director that he has plans already. he said he tries to grow in a company and therefore needs to go..

he didn't call me. i told him am very upset plus feel ill. my friend suggest do the same back and cancel some meeting too. what you think guys..


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  • I can understand you are very disappointed. But you need to realize that there is such a thing as workplace politics. They pretty much suck, but they do exist. Sometimes someone in the position of your boyfriend, who you acknowledge is trying "to grow in [the] company" has to do these kinds of things with the boss.

    • its just feels upsetting very... when you look for something all day and last 30 min he says no. obviously i told him he can decide etc for himself its just feels very awkward

    • thank you very much for MHO !

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  • well if this was his first time then i think u overreacted and you shouldn't do it to him
    an eye for an eye makes the world blind
    be mad at him, throw verbal abuses but dont take this out through your actions

    • hi no. i am not mad on him.. i am just disapointed. no its not the first time. he was disrespectful to me while we were dating ones and actually a little last Friday . but today he just completely cancelled and slashed off to watch football.

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    • hahahah i already did.. feel a bit strange now.. dont know what to do.. there is a guilt coming and other mxed feelings about the situation

    • watch a p*rn maybe lol if you are into that kind of stuff
      or its always good to text random strangers on the net
      hear there stories
      discuss your life and stuff

  • I think you are overreacting. He can watch a movie with you anytime. Free tickets don't come up all that often. I get that you want to feel like the priority, but things come up sometimes. If it becomes a regular thing, I can understand being upset.

    • its the third time.. point is that its been done in last moment. i told him he can go watch etc.. but as you can read, he said he might be asked to do more from the job.. and if guy puts work more than its never gonna work.

    • If you want to be upset, be upset. I've giving my opinion. You're overreacting. If you want to act like a 12 year old and repay him in the same manner, fine. You will not be the priority every single time. It's the third time you say. How many times has he kept his plans with you? You are not his life, you are part of his life. Sometimes that means you will come in second. Welcome to adulthood.

    • well at lesat people can call.. and not do everything via text. there is no over reaction..

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  • I can see why you'd be a little annoyed, but I think you're overacting a little. I mean, so long as this isn't happening ALL the time, I think it's kind of understandable that he'd want to accept free tickets to go see football; it's not like a chance like that comes up every single day.
    He's not disrespecting you, or saying he doesn't want to spend time with you, it's just, it's an opportunity. If someone offered you a free ticket to go see your favourite band or something, would you turn it down to stay in with your boyfriend (which you could do any time)? Probably not.

    Let him know it annoyed you a little, but it's not THAT big of a deal. Don't go for silly tit for tat revenge that will cause far more problems.

    • hi i do understand it. am not annoyed but am very dissapointed. i think fact that it been done in a last 30 min. at leaqt he could call.. that what upset me. all is done through a stupid text. i dont know whether to take my friends advice and also cancell something like he did in a last 30 min.. i just dont want him be like or she will wait for me.. she doesn't mind. i see her when its convinient for me.

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    • why is it me being immature? ... i just be nice to him as i was. just at that time i was very upset.

    • I'm not saying you are being, but if you did what your friend suggested, it would come across as that.

  • Hmm... I don't think it was that bad if it was something that would help him go farther with his job. Maybe if he did it all the time... but it sounds like it was just this one time. I think you should be happy for him.

    • well... but what am worried about he will be putting work above me.. because if i won't mind now like i do.. it will be happening constantly. the problem is that he cancelled last minute and didn't even called

    • Sometimes work might overshadow you... but I don't think most people mind because they want to see their partner succeed and be successful. I don't think it's personal.

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