Guys is it a turn off when a girl dresses up daily?

Is it a turn off when a girl wears full make up and hair done perfectly with a dress or a nice top and pants with heels every day or do you not care as long as she's ok with it?


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  • Yes and no. If we are going to run to the grocery store and I have to wait for her to get all dolled up, spend 15 minutes at the store and come home. Then yes. If we are going to go camping and she brings a duffle bag full of makeup, and 10 changes of clothes. Then yes. If she dresses up for work or a day out. Then no.


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  • No one cares.


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  • Honestly, whenever I dressed up daily, boys wouldn't flirt with me/give me as much attention. As soon as I started to dress down and wear sweats more then I get flirted with a lot. I don't know why, but that's just something I noticed.

    • I'm not dressing up for guys I love clothes and makeup and hair, I'm currently studying to be a fashion designer but some friends of mine said it's a bit of a turn off

    • I know. I don't dress up for guys either. I dress up for me. I also don't dress down for guys either. It's just something I observed whenever I did dress down. That's really cool what you're doing. :) I don't so much think it's a turn-off for guys, I just think it's intimidating for them.

  • I don't see why they would care, it looks nice

    • That's what I thought but I have been told other wise by guys :/

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    • Thanks, I don't think dressing nice has to mean high maintenance but maybe they do think that :)

    • You're welcome and I agree :)