Am I dating material or friendzone material?

I'm wondering if I have quotes that make me dateable or if this is why I always get put in the friend zone?

I'm not a girly girl--but not manly. I love sports, love to watch and love to play.

I like drinking beer and wine, depending on my mood. I love to eat real food. I won't order a salad. I'd rather a burger.

I can be pushy in the beginning of a potential relationship but I think that's because I have been single going on 5 years now. I want something so bad so I think I can be a little pushy about things and I may scare guys away.

I'm pretty dirty. I think and talk about sexual situations, ideas and fantasies way more than any other girl I know. My guy friends love talking to me about all of them.

My friends' boyfriends and husbands always want me to join them at get togethers because I'm "so much fun", according to them.

I'm not hard to please. I don't need fancy things. I buy cheap jewelry from walmart and I'm satisfied with all of it.

Those are some basic qualities that I have. I'm just wondering if I sound like "one of the guys" or if I'm dating material?


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  • You do sound like one of the guys. Your behavior teaches others how to treat you. If you're pushy that comes off as desperate and that's not attractive nor does it match your confident outer shell you show others. You seem like relationship material and this is more rooted in attraction. Short term by saying that what I mean is sexual value, there are two types short and long term, by acting pushy it negates sexual value as in you are not showing your best assets in the beginning, but demonstrating that you would be controlling long term and that is how you are being measured by guys. So pushy = controlling and demanding and that is killing your chances at love. Put a filter on it, and be the easy going laid back girl you are, this will ease tension in the short term raising your over all sexual value and make more men see you as a woman and not one of the guys or a control freak.


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  • Guys generally get friendzoned due to lack of dynamic personality. Girls generally get friendzoned due to looks. Remember the cartoon movies where there's always a tomboyish girl among a pack of guys? Yeah.. she's the friendzoned one. As soon as she gets hot, everybody forgets her personality and she becomes dateable material.

  • You sound like girlfriend material for some guys, probably just haven't met them yet. I have a buddy who is married to a girl like yourself and the same thing goes, "she is just so much fun" a lot of guys go for the girly girls for whatever reason but there are guys that like a girl to be more down to earth like yourself.
    I would go out with you!

  • You sound like a cool person. Maybe they just feel so comfortable around you because you're so relatable? A lot of people find traits like that attractive, (such as myself) and I'm sure you'll find someone equally as awesome.


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