Why does he act like this? Help?

There's this guy I like that stares at me all the time and I notice him passing by my class looking inside at me. I told him I liked him a month ago and he started passing by my class everyday looking inside at me. He started telling me hi all the time and bear hugging me every time he sees me. I recently gave him my number and told him to call me last Friday and he never did. The following Tuesday he walked past my class and looked at me. When I walked to get lunch I notice him looking at me at a distance and he was talking to his friends. The next day he looked at me and quickly walked away from where he was at with his friend. On Friday I notice him looking at me when he was walking and talking to someone. Why would he act like this and what does this mean? Also why would he keep looking at me?

What does it mean If a guy does this?


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  • It means he likes you. I did it recently


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