Am I overreacting or could he really want to get to know me?

I met this guy (who's my age, same college, etc) at a club on Friday night. I never met him before but he's friends with my sister who was at the club. Anyways I thought he was just being polite but soon it seemed like he was really interested in me because he was always beside me on the dance floor and soon after it was just us dancing together. We really didn't talk that much, it was way to loud to talk but he did seem attracted to me, plus he made a big effort to get my number before he left. He texted later on Saturday and we talked for a little bit until the conversation kind of died and I just left it. Really I was asking him more questions trying to get him to talk more than he was for me. I told my friend about this and he said it was probably just a hit it or quit it kind of thing. I got upset about this because it sounded like he really didn't want to get to know me and just asked for my number because (well I don't really know why he would), I got really insecure and deleted his number from my phone. But then I started thinking I was overreacting due to some painful past experiences. I don't inititate contact with guys unless I know for sure that they like me, otherwise I feel like if I text them they'll think I'm a stalker. I don't know if Im overeacting or how I should react in this situation. I'm awful in these situations but I really want to get better. What should I think? What should I do lol!


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  • Guys always know guys better than us girls. He might be right. I mean y'all did meet at a club, not exactly the place to meet the love of your life. You need a girls night out or time for yourself! And yeah, things like this can be a pain in the button and emotionally draining, but just try to move on. I promise you that there are other guys out there! If he was interested he would put in more effort!