Afraid to show I like her?

Ever since the last girl i was with, im deathly afraid of opening up to a girl and just letting her simply know i like her, or hey I had a good time. I've gotten plenty of dates in the last few months even second and thirds, however im not opening up and I wait at least a week before i ask the girl out again all out of fear I will loose her. However It seemes that I may be acting too distant but im afraid. The last girl I dated I felt so comfortable opening up to and we were able to share our feelings and i trusted her a lot. One day however after a week of her not even saying good morning like she always did I said I wanted to see her again and she she blew up in my face for being "too attached" and said we were just friends. Keep in mind we went on 5 dates and we made out a lot and held hands, blah blah... we were not "just friends" as she put it. She really destroyed my trust and messed me up mentally. So Im afraid now to even text a girl after a great date. What do I do?


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  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    Find out for certain or wonder until another girl shifts your focus again :P

    • But if I can't trust a girl who went out of her way to date me, who was all over me, and her attraction was initially extremely high, how can i trust anyone else to follow through and not "freak out" and back away. I mean is it really a bad thing to show interest? Or should I be aloof. I really just want to act how i feel, but when i do that they run.

    • I am a serial dater who is extremely aloof and frequently wish I wasn't.
      I guess I don't want you being jaded like me.
      Peace xo

  • If you don't text her you will lose her. Just do it as you feel like, text her as you feel.

    • But how to be sure? Girls have always been very touchy with me and when I text once too many or make my interests shown in the slightest way, they freak out and back off, EVERY time. Why is it okay for a girl to show interest in me but the minute I do all hell breaks loose? SO naturally like pavlovs dog I have been conditioned to not show any interest. How does one overcome this? I already lost one of the best girls for me this way, how many more must i lose?

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    • I said "i understand, I wasn't pushing anything, i was just curious if you still wanted to go out is all"

    • Sorry to hear that. I think she may expect your text. I would feel the same if I have to be the one who text a guy first. I assumed that he doesn't interesting in me. Because simple rules is guy make the first move. If he is interesting in me, he might text me. I will text him first sometime but not all the time. Mostly will be guy first. Give her sometime as she has bad experience. In the mean time just be nice to her. Give friendship as she want. That is only one way to win her heart.

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