Getting Back at him!!!?

At times I be wanting to get back at this guy I use to talk to. But not in a bitter way but more so in a calm settled sarcastic way. For instance he texted me on time asking what I was doing and I told him I was out with a friend. Now I really was out with a friend who so happens to be my best friend. But he automatically thought it was a guy. After that he's been calling and texting me. The recently he stopped.

So my thing is since he's starting up his ways again maybe the next time he hits
me up I'll just tell him "I'm on a date... ttyl" and maybe he'll feel a type of way. Or should I just forget it and move on


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  • He won't hit on you again.


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  • I'd forget him and move on seems to me like he only wants you when he thinks you're moving on with someone else. Find someone who deserves you

    • Yeah some guys can be jerks