He completely stopped txting me?

Started txting a guy at work. he's leaving soon and I told him how I always felt. At one point we were on the same page but we lost it. When I knew he liked me he would copy me and get his eyebrows done and talk about working out.

So I got really thirsty and sent him racy pics. And then I was being really cocky and said do u love me? U should. And he hasn't talked to me since. but today at work he showed up in work out clothes and then changed obvi and he got his eyebrows done again which he hadn't done since we stopped talking.

I'm so confused and he knows I really like him. I think I should wait till he comes to me right? I have no idea.


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  • "and he got his eyebrows done again"

    I may not know the answer, but one thing's for sure -- they guy has SERIOUS eyebrows issue!


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  • Haha maybe say sorry about awkward text, that you got carried away. Maybe he thinks you are crazy now haha

    • Omgggg. And I Call it being passionate not crazy lmao.