My crush's friend suggested me to get a gift for my crush. Does this mean my crush likes me as well?

I just met this girl in a store and I go there regularly for 2 years now and always saw her there but we never talked. I did found her cute though. She broke the ice after 2 years and we talked and soon we became friends. From the beginning I knew that she likes me but still I wasn't sure about it. The strange thing happened was her friend who works at same store added me on fb as well right after she did. And recently when I went to buy there something my crush's friend was working at that time and we talked and she asked me about my plans for Christmas and am I buying gifts or excited about them. I said no I am not coz I am not into gifts seriously and she quickly said "what are you getting me for christmas" I asked her what she wants and we she told me what she would like. We laughed about it but I knew she wasn't joking. My crush wasn't working there that day. So that same night I asked this girl about what her friend (my crush) would like for her gift and she suggested me a gift (a scarf). I told her that I hope she accepts it and she said "oh she will for sure". So, I was thinking about this that why would she so confidently ask me for a gift not only for her but also help me with buying her friend (m crush) a special gift. Is it coz my crush likes me too and she probably told that to this friend of hers and that's why she hinted me on what to do. I might be thinking too much but you guys can help me out with your opinions. Should I go ahead and buy her that gift?


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  • Maybe her friend wants to help or maybe she is the one interested in you.

    I usually don't like other people meddling.

    When I was in high school I had a crush on this guy and told my friend about him. She wanted to help and started to talk to him and gave him hints, but my crush ended up liking her...

    Do you consider giving her the present? She might just say thank you, you are nice, and you still wouldn't know if she likes you or not. I suggest you ask her out (face to face, not on Facebook - even if it's not easy, this increases her chances to say yes).
    Good luck

    • Yeah you are right. I just can't go ahead and gift her without knowing for sure that she likes me or not. The problem is my exams are going on now and she works most of the time. We go to same university but different times. I have no fear of asking her in person and in fact I would prefer that too. One more problem is that asking her out at work place coz usually its always packed but I will try though. Thanks for your advice!

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    • nope cause you need to focus all your energy on the exams and daydreaming about your crush might influence your results :P. after successfully passing them, reward yourself with a nice date ;)

    • Ahahha I agree but I was just wandering to ask her and get done with it before someone else might make their move but yeah I should just wait I guess.

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