My first love, what to do...

My first love and I dated for a 1 and a half when I was 15 and so forth. we went through everything together and for some reason I always think of what it could be like now since were grown up. We didn't have loyalty problems, we were monogamous we were just young and needed to grow up which was what drove us apart. I constantly wonder what we could have now. We both grew up, have a child and have changed. I cannot speak for him, I just know what we had was real. and I haven't felt that since.

guys..what advice could help me reconnect. what would influence him to see that I want him back ( I never wanted to lose him).

I haven't contacted him, but I want to know what Id say before just winging it. what sorts of things would you want to hear from your first gf. your fist love. what could she say to make you realize..

Later that night when I was alone he came in to my room and unloaded and said he felt so bad for how he treated me after the break up, he wished he could take things back, and sometime before that we had gotten back together for the night..
so I'm just confused if he was trying to make an effort those few years ago and I was too blind to notice. if so, could he possibly feel the same now . Right after we broke up, I found out he slept with some girl
later she ended up pregnant, and that was when he later came out and apologized for what happened. I think he just felt obligated to her since she was having his baby. which I respect. but could that mean he never got over me but feels unavailable
because of his responsibilities. could someday down the road we would have the chance to reunite so to speak..sorry it was so long and split into updates..
i just found out he's getting married and having another child...i basically know what I can do and it isn't much..any words of advice from you guys.


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  • I don't suggest doing this.

    But if you insist, I suppose you could tell him that it's never been the same since him. That he still is important to you, and you want to have him back in your life.

    • Does it seem best done in person, on the phone maybe he's more comfortable with an e-mail. I would think e-mailing him would be the way to go since its been about 4 years. Tell me what you think, do you soppose he was trying to make an effort at the idea of us again: about 6 months after we broke up he came by my duplex I was living in at the time. Now let me tell you, we have mutual friends. My two roomates were jonsie and brad and he knew brad pretty well, so he came by for a while

    • Sure, you could email it. But I would say in the email suggest a time and place to discuss things further.

      In person is always the best, but if you want to buffer with an email, go right ahead. The main thing is telling him what's on your mind.

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