GIRLS: Average First Date Would you go for a second date?

So girls would you go out with a guy for a second date, all factors are neutral
-he's a nice guy but you don't like nor hate him

  • Yes, not all first dates are amazing
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  • Yes, I'd like to know the guy more
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  • No, I only go for Mr. perfect
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  • No, its probably not going to go anywhere
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  • I'm just here for the free donuts and results
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Most Helpful Girl

  • First date is hardly a fair way to judge unless he confessed to kicking new born puppies or biting the heads off of canaries. Try one more and see if there is a connection. Worst case? You waste a few hours of a night.


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  • I only go for the second date if the first one was good. If I'm not interested in the guy there's no point in seeing him again.

  • Hopefully he is not annoying Then my answer will change dramatically

  • I pick D. If there is nothing about him that attracts me and everything is just blah or average then no. I wouldn't.

  • I am a diehard extremist right across the board.
    Its either everything or its nothing.

  • The first date has to go good and be fun. as long as it wasn't boring I could go on a second date bt I have to have formed some connection by the end of the first date.


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