Girl dates, flirts, says I look hot, wants me to talk to her and not any other girl. Rejects me. What the f*ck?

So I met this beautiful girl at a relative's engagement. It was love at first sight, that's all I know, for the first damn time. I messaged her over Facebook and, being a good talker, talked a LOT. I flirted, he flirted back. She helped me choose clothes for the relative's wedding. She said she'll crack up if I wore anything else. So I obeyed her. She always said I am quite hot and had an amazing voice and that she wants me to talk to her. Only her and no other girl. She was so fkn beautiful and on my mind all the time. The way she talked and replied always made me think she loved me back. When I finally asked her out. She rejected me for no reason. And you should know. That did hurt. But I love her to the moon and back. And I can do anything to get her back. Why did she reject me? And how can I possibly get her back? Help me. Please.

So I talked to this girl again, asking her for a valid reason as to why she rejected me, in spite of the fact that we were fond of each other (I do think). She replied that she was talking to me only, and only because she wanted to make another guy, whom she liked, feel jealous and like her back.
Really REALLY hurt tbh.


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  • Honey, she's not worth it. Honestly, I don't believe in love at first sight. You can lust at first sight, but you can't love until you know everything about someone. But to me, she sounds very controlling. She picked out your clothes, and told you she would laugh at you if you wore anything else. And notice your choice of the word obeyed? If she really loved you, she wouldn't give a damn what you wore, as long as you were there with her. She rejected you because she doesn't love you. Plain and simple. She played with your emotions, and when you asked her out, she won. And she'll keep winning if you don't walk away. Can you think honestly why you love her? Because to me, it sound like you're physically attracted and nothing else. You talked about how you're a good talker, you're hot, have a good voice, but the only thing you've said about her is that she's beautiful. You can't love someone on looks alone, and if you do, you're as shallow as she is. Hate to bring out the tough love, but cut your losses and move on. You deserve better.


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  • People are cruel and selfish. Thankfully you did not waste your time on her. :)


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  • Wow. I read your update and that girl was... horrible. Take it as a learning experience, bud. I've crushed on girls with ulterior motives before. Don't blame yourself for it, you've done nothing wrong. It's best you find out now that she is a user, and caution yourself next time before you fall for someone. That being said, don't let it make you bitter. Not all people are cold and cruel like that. Count your loses and realize you deserve someone who doesn't treat you like a pawn on a chessboard

  • Two words: ATTENTION WHORE

    Just move on its not worth the brain power to dwell on

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