Is my guyfriend catching feelings for me, we know each other for three years?

So my guyfriend took me out to a dinner and a movie. And after we was talking I notice he was staring at me and when I look up he still be staring at me. So we got some snacks and we was in the car talking. Lol. And I also notice that he was rubbing my back and tickling me. Than he held my hand really tight and told me that he gave up casual sex and he wants to wait till he settle down... he wants to wait till marriage. Because he use to going to girl to girl, he was a player. he's 10 years older than me. And it shocked me because im use to guys making a move. He hugs me really tight for a long time and rub my back and now he's holding my hand. He also said he wants to buy a resturant named after me, when he retire and settle at. He has his own business. Before i got out the car he told me he wants something real.


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  • "Catching feelings"? You make it sound like a disease.

    • Ok. Do you think he likes me.. is that better

    • Sure it's better, because it doesn't sound so trivializing.

      Yes, the guy likes you. Any guy who pays that kind of attention to a girl and changes his life for her is pretty damn smitten.

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  • lol, leopards don't change their spots. I don't want to piss on your cornflakes but what he said stinks of bullshit.

    • Why you say that sir lol.

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    • So if we got together you dont think he will change his ways. So you think there's a bad side to him. That I need to watch out for.

    • I think he'll stay good long enough to establish your trust, which he will abuse once he's got his hooks in you.

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  • If you were some girl he barely knows, then I wouldn't trust it. But since you've known him for three years, I highly doubt he would be doing this unless he did really have feelings for you.

  • Do you like him? If yes it goes well for you:)

    • A little

    • Think do you want to be with him together and tell him honestly