Weirdest situation/thing someone/you ever said or done?

I've been through my fair share of weird situations and I'm curious if anyone of you have one or a few specifically weird or awkward moments in your life? Let's hear it! :D

One of mine was during a breakup, he had cheated on me, which I already knew, and he was so nervous to tell me. We were in public, sitting on a bridge where we first met, people were getting off work and school so it was in the middle of rushhour. After he had told me he blurted out "oh man, just kill me now!". Dead serious and way too calm I responded "too many witnesses" right away. He just shut up and stared at me. That's when I began to laugh, so did he. He didn't repeat his wish again after that though. Lol.


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  • Too many lol

    Like I was explaining to my friend why backbiting is bad. And she wasn't understanding so decided to give her an example - with me stating vehemently "I'm a man and I'm saying.." - and then I realised I said that out a bit too loud and we were in a cafe too and it was quiet so...


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  • Nothing at all bofore expenses already tall


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