Guys: Would you be mad if?

I have posted a question regarding this subject before, it's not the same question though.

I was in another city celebrating my friends birthday this Friday . I have been dating a guy for about three months, we are not in a relationship but we both agreed we want one. I've met his colleagues, family and friends and he wants me to spend Christmas with him so things are getting a bit more serious.

Anyway. My friends and I were at this bar where several guys were hitting on me. I told them I've got a bf since it's easier that way and well, because I hope he will be.

One guy seemed fine with it and since I lost my friends we began talking, completely platonic. I'm very social and have several guy friends who have admitted their feelings towards me so I honestly didn't think too much about it. He had lived an interesting life and I could see myself being friends with him, he added me on Facebook while we were talking and I accepted. We kept talking and when I saw my friends I said goodbye.
This is where things got weird. I went in for a quick hug but he held onto me and then gave me a lingering kiss on the cheek. I froze thinking "what the hell just happened?" and then immediately backed away. I stared at him, he looked both confused and amused as I said "uhm.. okay bye" and headed towards the door.
We went to another pub where he later appeared. He came to talk to me and I once again told him I wasn't interested, I had a bf and so on. I felt like a bitch and then offered to be his wingman (should've told him off, I realize that now, but I was drunk and felt guilty over him thinking it was okay to kiss me). He declined, I wished him a good night and then walked away.

I'm big on trust and honesty and decided that I should tell my guy about this. His ex cheated on him so I'm not sure how he'll react. He asked me if it was serious (not sure if he think it is) but answered that he shouldn't worry about it since I don't want him to.

Would you be mad given the circumstances? And would you think this was a serious matter? Would you consider not seeing her anymore?

I'm so nervous and have felt sick to my stomach ever since. I like him so, so much and have fallen for him completely.


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  • 1. get rid of him on Facebook - it's his fault for being so forward & cross the BF line anyway...
    2. if this evidence crops up so that BF asks about him, tell him it was the only way to rid yourself of him, your friends left you unprotected
    3. BF needs to know & accept that good looking GFs are going to be hit on, no matter where/what - it's NOT their fault and they do the best they can to defend... if he wants none of that then get a dog face GF

    soooo... NOOOOOOO you don't bring up every damn insignificant incident your animal magnetism contributes to guys hormones out of control. You'll NOT feel better, BF will NOT feel better and rocky times ahead vs "feeling confession pure/unburdened" (not)


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  • I would not be mad, for the following reasons:

    1. You aren't exclusive yet. You both still want to be, but for now, you're not.
    2. This guy made a move and you politely declined it, because you want to be exclusive with your fella.
    3. This shit happens on nights out! You meet strangers (or even friends) and you have a few drinks and loosen up. I've been kissed on the cheek by drunk friends and strangers and it's just a fun friendly gesture. Now, if you started seriously making out or had sex, that would be different, but this is nothing.

    The Facebook thing is up to you - I wouldn't mind, but you know your fella better than me.

  • there is no reason to be mad at you
    but yes he can use it to tease you, i know ill lol

    • Honestly, I wouldn't mind him teasing me about it, as long as he doesn't get mad or hurt lol! Thank you! :)

  • Sometimes it is better to be crazy. life not an easy task. a way to be lived we will live our destiny.

  • Unless a girl is actually my gf she can do what she wants and i wouldn't be mad over this incident as nothing happened. It's a non-story.

    • Relieved to hear that! So you wouldn't be mad over her talking to a guy that hit on her in the beginning? Would you appreciate her telling you though? Thank you so much for your opinion! :)

    • No I wouldn't be mad and even if something did happen, you aren't my gf so I've got no right to be angry.

      If a girl told me about this I'd be flattered that she considered me her bf and turned down other guys. If this dude gets angry or doesn't make you his girl pronto then he's a fool. A lot of girls wouldn't have acted the way you did, so credit where credit is due.

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  • Ummm. A drunk guy kissed you on the cheek, yes? Do not your fault; you didn't shove the pitchers off the bar and suck his tonsils out. You did nothing wrong. Add to that you told him you had a BF.

    On top of this, you and your BF aren't exactly exclusive yet, do even if you DID do something wrong (which you didn't) you didn't do anything wrong :).

    This is what I call a non-issue. It will serve no purpose if you tell your BF... you simply did nothing wrong.

    • He wasn't drunk but correct, he kissed me on the cheek.
      Really? Because before when I asked if I should tell him all except one GaGer told me I should. They told me that both were at fault, that I shouldn't even have talked to the guy in the beginning let alone talked to him after, which of course made me feel so much worse. I've already told him I wanted to talk so there's no way out of this one though, maybe just as well, I don't know.

      Thank you for your advice and opinion, really appreciate it! :)

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    • Haha yeah, that's ridiculous!

      I know! Either it goes really bad or really well, hopefully the latter :)) We won't be able to see eachother until after work on Sunday so I'll at least have time to figure out what to say!

      Aaw, I will. Thank you so much for your help!

    • So I talked to him yesterday. I mentioned how I'd called him bf and then, being me, I added "because it's easier that way" really quickly, stupid haha. Blushed like crazy.
      When I said that one of the guys seemed okay with it and that we started talking I noticed my guy's pulse on his neck beating really fast and hard even though we were on the opposite sides of the bed. After telling him everything he asked me if that was it, after nodding he sighed in relief and put his head on my lap. He then told me I was the cutest and that it was cool. He said "it's fine" several times without me asking, so I could kind of tell that it still bugged him.
      The night progressed and it was back to normal. But before leaving he said "try not to let guys kiss you next time, okay?". He didn't say it in a rude way but it kind of confirmed that it did bug him at least a bit, which is fine. I just hope it wasn't a mistake telling him. I'm really glad to have gotten it off my chest though.

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