What to say to a girl after a week of silence?

I really like this girl and we used to text everyday and hang out every weekend, but lately she was too busy to see me. Friday I flat out told her I miss seeing her and feel like she's avoiding me. She said she misses me too, but has just been insanely stressed and didn't wanna hang out with anyone. We started talking about what that meant for us, and I could tell she was alluding to that she doesn't want/have time for a relationship right now, so I ended up not texting her back.

It's Wednesday now, so we've had almost a full week of no communication. She's under a lot of stress with final exams coming up, and I just wanna send a quick text to her to let her know I'm still here/care about her.

Any ideas? I was going to send a good morning text today, but I didn't wake up until noon.


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  • Just "hello" or "good afternoon".


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  • I would send a text to let her know u care bt give her time to sort some things out. And let her be the first to text u after u send a message today. If too much time passes by and she still has txted back move on. Hope this helps :)


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  • Wish her good luck with her exams. If you feel confident you can drop in a suggestion you go celebrate when they're over, before everyone disappears for Christmas.