Guys... please help!! Guy goes from nameless aquaintance, to first date, to awesome sexual chemistry (no sex yet), to a deep fast friendship?

there is a guy I've seen around town and bumped into over the past few years, but never knew him personally. one day I saw him unexpectedly and asked him, off the cuff, if he wanted to get coffee. he said yes & we text each other that night and somehow we ended up on the phone for 2 hours. we changed our plans from coffee to drinks and made out for 2 hours on the first date. we are both coming out of bad situations from failed relationships so we both have a lot of baggage. We have been on the phone every night for at least 2 hours, since the second I met him. We know way more than two people should know about each other in the 5 days time & we share a lot in common. He calls me every night to ask about my day & I pathetically wait for him to call b/c I enjoy talking with him. I am too caught up in this to get proper, good perspective of what's going on here! can somebody please enlighten me? I would really appreciate it. thanks

by the way... this all happened with in 5 days


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  • Just keep what you're doing until you're absolutely sure that you want a relationship with him. I think that 5 days is not much to be sure about it. You can have a great future together, this is a fact.


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  • Sounds like a normal pump and dump. Be wary.


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