Boyfriend problems with not trying?

me and my boyfriend has been going out for 2 years I am 16 and he is 17 on our one year anniversary I made him a scrapbook with a whole bunch of pictures and letters in it from each day at the end of the scrapbook it said to be continued and he was supposed to write once a week in the book when we had a nice day and put some pictures in it. but he never did and now we've been
going out for 2 years. for a whole year he hasn't wrote one thing in the scrapbook but then he can play video games for 5 hours when writing in the scrapbook would take 5 minutes please someone tell me if this is normal and what I can do to make him care I feel like he doesn't love me when he always says it


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  • *I* think it would be really cute and adorable to do something like that. ... I can't imagine my girlfriend being interested enough to follow through.

    shrug Everyone is different and has different interests. Expecting someone to do something because YOU think it's a good idea is setting yourself up for being disappointed (and hurt). I'm sorry, but if the idea doesn't catch him, then you're probably out of luck there.

    I suppose I could ask... did you ask him if he wanted to do the weekly continuations?

    • Yes and he said he would love to but never did

    • Well, you might bring it up again with some constructive approach. (So don't do: "You never did those updates and that made me sad ;_;")

      Something like this might work:
      "I was thinking about that scrapbook. Remember you said you wanted to do the weekly updates? I was thinking we could start that up again, if you're interested - we could pick a time each week, and you could write something and I could write something at the same time. I was thinking Sunday after lunch, because it's usually quiet then (or whenever)."

      And then remind him Saturday for a while... it'll probably fall to you to get the habit started. I do wonder if my darling would go for it :) Good luck!

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