Is this guy upset because I said no to sex?

There's this guy I've been seeing for about a month now. We text almost everyday and we've gone on a few dates. We just started hooking up recently (once) and he's the one who's said we should make more time in our schedules to hang out, that I could stay over if I needed to. He's even offered to listen to me when I said I wasn't feeling happy. He kisses me in public and holds my hand and is very affectionate in bed.

A couple of days ago, he asked me to come over. He was going to see his friends later that day, and I was annoyed that he was trying to squeeze me in for a couple of hours before his friends arrived (he didn't invite me to hang out with them). I declined, and then told him he could message anyone else for a booty call.

He got really upset and didn't reply to me even when I apologized. Did I offend him by calling him out? Because he didn't get any sex? Why is he so upset?

It's been about 3 days too-should I text him, or wait for him? FYI he is also still on Tinder and we have not had any kind of "talk" so I am wondering if I just offended him like "wow I'm being nice to this girl and she's being a b****."


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  • I refer to the late great Patrice O'neal

    “Most women, all they have to barter is their pussy. Men have so many other things to barter when it comes to the sex game and the relationship game. It’s not their fault, because they all do it, so there has to be nature involved.”

    "We have other things that make us attractive to women. Initially, there’s only one thing that makes them attractive to us, and that’s fucking them, and then it builds from there.”

    “You gotta understand that when you meet these women essentially they are losers. She HAS to get something out of her pussy, dude. She has to get dinner. She has to get a movie. How can she function if she doesn’t get something out of what she has?”

    “When you’re taking her out to dinner and to the movies, that’s her way of fucking you. If you take her out 5 times, she’s fucked you 5 times, and you haven’t fucked her yet [...] Don’t let them fuck you, because dinner/movie time is them fucking you. Are you a whore? You can’t let a woman whore out your time.”

    That's probably how the guy feels right now.


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  • I know women think us men are all horn dogs, but he could be offended because he just wanted to see you that day and didn't think you mind seeing him for a few hours. That's better than nothing right? It is his choice to accept your apology or not. He has your number you should wait and if you don't feel like waiting just loose his number and leave him be.

  • If he was genuinely interested in you as a person, it shouldn't matter. If he's still on Tinder well.. you have your answer. Yes he might seem like the sweetest guy in the world, but he just wants you for the sex.


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  • this could go two wayshe either got upset that you invited him over just to have sex or he is actually mad about not having sex which no one should be mad about that you do it when you're ready and if they don't wanf to wait then tell them to go f*** themselves

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