How to show a guy that you once liked that you're no longer interested him in him & his games?

Basically I've been seeing this guy for some time now and let's just say I was more interested in him then he was intrested in me. I'm sick of pleasing him , but he doesn't care about pleasing me when it comes down to me wanting to spend time with him besides just for sex. How can I show him I'm moving on and get him to wonder about me? All tips & help is welcomed!

  • go no contact & ignore him
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  • talk to him, but keep it short & end the conversation quick.
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  • something else (specify)
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Him & his games.


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  • How about stop talking to him and move on.


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  • I think it's pretty obvious he just wants to have sex with you and thats it. If he had feelings he would do those other things as you say. If there is a girl who is willing to sleep with a man, who is single, he will often sleep with her regularly because not having sex is horrible.


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