What kinds of things/qualities would a single woman be looking for that would make you think she was "picky?"?

From looks to education to income to whether they were previously married to personality traits ete


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  • I'm very picky. I'm usually watching from afar until I know you better and then I let myself be seen for you to approach. But I will avoid any guy that comes straight toward me without me first getting a "feel" for him first.

    • You didn't answer the question.

    • I did. the quality I presented was that you will not see me until I want you to see me... make sense now? When it comes to picking guys, I have to observe them in action first. I don't know how else to explain it.

What Guys Said 1

  • All women have standards and expectations they want in a guy. I can't think of specific things that would make a woman picky, but I guess it would just be the longer her list of standards and expectations is, the more picky is.