What is he wanting from me?

We hang out casually. He asks me out formerly frequently. We laugh, have fun, share many interests. Never had sex but a lot of sexual tension between us. He says up until now he's been avoiding relationships for his career goals. But never told me directly he doesn't want to try with me. He just said that he doesn't expect anyone to follow him through all of that. Meaning he would not have time to give for a girlfriend. Is he wanting something with me or not?

any other insights?


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  • He's busy. But is wants to spend time with you. That's the sort of relationship he seeks, if you're okay with that, then have fun!

    • thank you. he is very busy and I'm okay with it for now but also starting to like him as more than friends.

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  • Perhaps he feel happy with you and it's just checking his ground.

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