(Women only) Do you ladies think I should get to know a woman from meetme. com that I met online lastnight? Read my additional details below?

This woman is below average looking like me. She is a 4 just like me. I met this woman late last night on meetme. com. It started when she posted how she is scared of her ex bf who is threatening her. I messaged her helping her out. She said she is staying at a friend's house and he doesn't know where she is at. She broke up with this guy recently. After I comforted her, she was thankful and she said she thinks she learned her lesson with the type of guys she gets involved with. She is going to contact the police because she has proof now about him threatening her. The proof was that he threatened her on Facebook. Anyways, we have a lot in common, and she appreciates how much a sweet guy I am. She said after all this nonsense is over with, she would have no trouble with dating me.

She broke up with recently. It is her ex. We are not going to meet until after he gets arrested
Tell me your honest opinon


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  • I've met a guy from meetme before. He was who he said he was it's just he obligated sex. It didn't work out. For you on the other hand I think you should meet he but you also have to get many verifications that she is who she says she is. Also be careful her bf sounds dangerous, you don't want to walk into a bad thing. Caution

    • EX boyfriend. She broke up with him. And we are not going to meet until he gets arrested

    • Do what pleases you then...

    • by the way the word "ex" means nothing if he is threatening her. He can get arrested that doesn't mean he's out the equation 100% sure but like I said do what pleases you 😒

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  • I don't think I would if I was you. People these days are crazy. You just never know if she's honest or not. It's your choice but pray about it first and really think about what could happen.

  • Sure, why not. Go after happiness, or happiness will pass you buy.


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  • Dude, stay away from that drama... You don't have a clear picture of what's up with her situation, and things could be way worse than she described