Can an alpha male become beta from anxiety over bad dating experiences?

Just wondering, can anxiety bring down an inherently alpha male after experiencing painful dating experiences? I don't mean it to be permanent, only temporary until he heals up and maybe become stronger than before. I personally don't care about the alpha/beta thing about myself though, I'm just me and always learning to improve through mistakes, thats all.


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  • Not sure what you mean by the Alpha and Beta thing. I find it weird that people act like life is such a competition with each other. I'm not going to say one guy is inherently better than another, they're just different...
    In any case, after painful dating experiences it does take time to heal. I'm recovering from a manipulative and abusive relationship myself, and it's gonna take a long time before I'm willing to get back out there. But if you're feeling anxiety, that's likely a sign that you're not ready to date yet. Wait until you're fully recovered, until your heart is mended. It wouldn't be fair to someone else to date them with only the goal of becoming an "alpha" male in mind. I don't know what painful dating experience you're talking about, but use this time to focus on yourself. You say you like to improve through mistakes, so think back to this dating experience. Did you make any mistakes that you can avoid next time?
    Yes, you're not going to be as good of a date right now, but that's because you've been through some painful experience. Just focus on yourself and be the best person you can be. Don't try to measure up to other guys, because you're perfect the way you are.

    • Thanks for the advice! When I was younger, I was actually totally fear free of girls. In college i approached girls in classes, introduced each others' names and asked for their contact information. Half got the impression I was interested in them, the other half seem to have assumed I was just being friendly. In one of these cases, it almost landed me into a hookup. I just wasn't interested in sex right away lol. I'm sure at least some of the girls who assumed i was interested were potential girlfriend material. I made a mistake of chasing an attractive girl for two years, crossing the line all the time, even did a little stalking and all (but never to her house lol). That experience partly messed my mind up, I was hurt and it left me edgy over every behavior girls may perform. So I was uneasy ever since, until I met my female best friend (she and I are quite like minded) and I've started to finally gradually go back to my true self. She's great but we still don't date.

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