Does He Like Me I Really Like Him?

There is this boy my age and I really like him and I think he likes me too! The past couple of weeks he seemed interested in me. Then the past few days he sat beside me in class and was saying he loved me (in a joking tone) and he was singing to me and he walked me to class on Friday and held the door for me and then he walked me to class again today. Then he always seems like he is flirting with me during class. Do you think he likes me? Also if you think he likes me how do I tell him I like him?


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  • Yeah, he likes you. Perhaps flirt back? I don't know I could never talk to girls in school so I spent most the time with my bff but from dust he's told me, flirting back will definitely work.


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  • I really do think that he has developed a little something from you.. <3 Guys don't normally do that to girls that they don't like! I think the best way to tell him you like him is that, you secretly flirt back with him.. See what he does, play the game for a little.. I'd just end up kissing him.. "Heat of the moment", right? ;)