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You're picky, you meet someone online who you click with... which is unusual for you. You start to talk almost all day every day and on the phone every night. This goes on for a month... work starts getting busier so you contact them less... they start telling you they'll f##k another because you're obviously playing them. You don't talk to them for a while but they apologize and you forgive them. You chat for another two months and during this period they make excuses not to meet up and then say they will but never set a date... they also start to say they'll sleep with others because you're probably chatting up others... they apologize and insist it was said due to their insecurities. You forgive them countless times even though it hurts because you like them... how long would you put up with this behavior for if you really like the good side to them? Would you personally only let them get away with it the once or not even that? If they asked to meet up purely as friends after three months of acting this way, would you agree or cut them off completely even if you still like them?


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  • The good side of them doesn't sound worth the bad, the bad being credible threats to go sleep around on you.

    People have stuff in their lives, sure, so you shouldn't string them along but they shouldn't say 'take me out Friday or I go fuck someone else for a while'. I don't know if I'd even enjoy friendship with someone like that, they might pull similar shit if you're just going to hang out!

    • It was the same person who wouldn't arrange to meet who said they'd fuck someone else because the other person was contacting them less

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  • i'd not bother in the first place... a total waste of time. Who would forgive someone like that?

  • A couple times, then I'm like, no, I don't accept your apology this time, you are being too hurtful and mean, I'm just not right for you.

  • Sounds too familiar...
    First of all, the meet as friends is total crap from both sides. He likes you and wants to get laid. And you still do like him too. If you didn't you would not agree to meet up after feeling so hurt.
    Now. Allow me to predict the future if you do meet. You will have a great time together. That's pretty much certain. But after you part ways you will feel even closer to that person. And sometime sooner or later you will want to meet again. If you can't he or you will sleep/get into a relationship with another person again. And this time you will feel even more heartbroken. This could lead into a vicious cyrcle. Again and again and again...
    You will end up being kept back in your romantic life because of that. Maybe for a lot more than you imagined.
    I can't tie you down not to meet him, but i can tell you that you seriously don't wanna do it..
    I know that there is some novelty to having feeling for a person you never met. But it's just that. A novelty. Which will wear off in days after you meet and start realising how much of the same they are with the people you already met.
    If you want to keep some nice memories that's fine. But the best thing for you is to cut off ASAP.

    • Appreciated. bu It'sme who acted this way towards him. I assure you I do not sleep around. It's been over a year since I even kissed a guy let alone had sex. I've been with three guys in my life... all ex bfs. But I can see why you and him could assume that considering i acted so nasty. I have asked to meet him to show him i've learnt my lesson and am far from easy or a cheat. He's Agreed saying 'okay, i'm pretty busy these next few weeks' and we've spoken since a little bit only via text. Does that mean he still likes me? the reason i didn't mention it was me who acted this way in my original question is because I wanted people to reply to my questions so I understand it from his point so they don't just reply giving m e grief instead of actually answering me. How does it sound familiar? Happened to you?

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    • Thanks. Ha... trust me, i'm not her... he's an older man...40... which I find hot... I think meeting will help us both... there could be closure. I hate the thought of us never meeting after everything. If we don't meet even as friends. There will always be what ifs and that's what holds you back from moving on. Also we exchanged very explicit pics and had phone sex. It just feels wrong that we've never met as that's out of character for me. Only my few exs know that kind of stuff. I initiated it with him by the way then after a while he wouldn't accept photos or rude chat til after we met. So I know he's decent now. only I fear it's too late. ... when I asked to meet as friends he said 'ok but i'm pretty busy these next few weeks' I can't decide whether he just said it to shut me up. But he seems the type of guy who'd just insist it isn't a good idea if he's not willing to. Would you agree if you wasn't willing to?

    • I wouldn't agree to meet if i wasn't willing to do so.

  • I can take four shinbun. That's it.


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