Ladies... if you want commitment, you need to be interviewing the online dating candidate as to his relationship history?

Unless you have a better idea of a successful long tem dating pattern... the online pick-up artist is just going to dip his joystick into you and be gone ladies.

Now, you will always have exceptions. But for the most part I think what I'm saying is true.

Do you agree?

Dating is just like a job interview. The guy has to pass the interview to have access to your body.

The only difference is the interview when dating can last over many weeks or months. You are the only one that can decide when to unlock the door and allow full access.

You must also realize that love is imperfect. Try as you might, you will make mistakes and con men will get success. Just do the best you can and learn from your mistakes.

Now upon interview if the guy stumbles to come up with a successful pattern. Or he says his history is private or 'lets not worry about the past' or had one 3 month fling 10 years ago... these are all most likely going to be failures at maintaining successful long term relationships.

Good luck!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • wth? lol yer maybe some men may be just playing and saying i want a relationship to get in your pants but generally they aren't like that i slept with my man on the first date i normally dont but it just kinda happened and now im in a relationship with him he calls me 4 times a day texts me all the time introduced me to a heap of his close friends and work mates as his gf and i stay at his for at least 2 nights a week and on the other hand i dated this other guy for 6 months before sleeping with him and never heard from him sense so i thinks there's a hole in you theory there


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What Girls Said 2

  • yes I do agree.

  • Grow up. You sound pathetic. Dating is about friendship.


What Guys Said 1

  • this is bullshit. I mean yes there are male players out there but I have dated, had hookups, and flings but haven't had a serious relationship or official girlfriend. It wasn't like I was looking to hook up with a bunch of women with no commitment. The ones I wanted to keep seeing didn't like me back or just wanted something casual or found someone else. And the ones into me I wasn't into nor was I gonna settle. Should I be punished for this?

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