Would you be ok with your younger sister being Facebook friends with bf?

so the scenario is your dating a new guy for a couple months now and your younger sister is single and very good looking. would you be ok with her being " Facebook " friends with your bf? would you have an issue with them having conversations without you around or him liking her photo's? what sort of relationship or friendship would it be ok for them to have? if any.
and keep in mind most guys only add hot girls as friends to either look at there hot photo's or in hopes of dating them at some point or there gf's. I mean what would even be the point of them being friends? anyways I just noticed my ex 's hot sister is friends with her new bf? like seriously why what would they possibly have to talk about and half her pictures show her boobs hanging out , how is she ok with this?

  • i'd be ok with them being friends online and chatting without me present and liking photos of each other
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  • i'd be ok with them being friends but not with tham chatting or sharing photos
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  • i wouldn't be ok with them being friends online at all
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  • other please explain
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  • I wouldn't be okay with my younger sister even having Facebook to begin with.


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  • I think that you should talk to your boyfriend about your concerns. Your sister's intentions could be pure.

  • No, I would trust my little sister. I'm very close to her.

    I suppose it does help that she's only 10. But if she was older, I still wouldn't mind.

  • i wouldn't mind but depends to a limit i guesss


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