Can a girl be too girly for a guy?

he's ex was a tomboy
when we were talking about looks... i like katy perry, taylor swift... he likes skylar grey...
why is he dating someone like me?
im too girly and im complicated, i care pretty much a lot about fashion, i love make up, i love everything about femininity, i love being a woman i don't want to have any male quality like a tomboy, his ex is nothing like me
and he likes teasing me about my obsessions, i laugh, but really, im not his type, he's my type tho

i just dont want to waste my time


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  • if he really likes you. he will change himself so that you are his type
    but to answer your question yes sometimes guys like girls who are a little more butch
    I prefer the girly girls though


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  • Yeah, I'm not sure I could keep up with or really would want to bother to keep up with someone who's obsessed with fashion and mainstream music I don't like nor understand why anyone likes. Alas, I have more in common with tomboys, and compatibility is essential.

  • Who the shit is Skylar grey? Sounds pretty girly to me. I'm not sure why he likes you but I'm sure he has his reasons.

    • cool, but he says skylar the best of all, and i wanna be the type of girl that he likes most but i can't

  • Don't get tied up in deciding what someone's type is. There is a reason his ex is an ex. Be yourself. If you don't like the teasing, say so. If it's an issue that's important to (clearly it is) ASK HIM WHY HE'S DATING YOU.

    • i'll be showing my insecurity if i ask him why he's dating me... won't i?

  • I dont think there is such thing as too girly, either way it comes down to compatability


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