I think I'm falling in love? Please help me?

So I met this girl a few months ago and we seem to connect very well with each other. We talk all the time, not quite everyday, but pretty close. We have opened up to each other and she has trust issues and never opens up to anyone. So her opening up to me is very special and rare for her. She's an amazing girl and I would do anything for her to be happy. I think I'm falling in love with her.. I don't know how she feels and she hasn't given any signs of feeling the same way. What should I do? Please help me. Thank you.


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  • Awww how exciting! Well you must make her feel comfortable for her to open up to you so she has to be some what interested I would think. I would express how you feel or make physical signs to test her reaction. You could place a hand on her back or hug longer than usual. She may just be waiting for you or nervous of moving to quick. If she got hurt in the past she may just be trying to protect herself. Be patient and be observant of reactions from her if you dont want to tell her you are interested in her.


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  • Tell her about your feelings:)

    • I'm afraid of getting shot down.

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    • I told her and she said she kinda feels the same way but she's leery because she doesn't want to get hurt. I don't know if she's serious or just protecting my feelings.

    • If she told you that she feels the same way. She really do, I think

  • Tell her or hint to her.


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