How to get in touch with him?

I ve met a guy at the airport when i stayed there overnight. He was working and, he passed me several times always smiling and looking obviously in my direction. I was doing the same. He literally couldnt take his eyes of me and me neither. It was pretty obvious that there was mutual attraction. The last time he passed he waved and said hi or bye (i couldnt understand well cause i was half asleep). I also waved and said hi because i thought he was coming bacl, but he didn't. I dont have his name nor his number, but i want to see him :/ i know where he works, i could try it there. I dont see another option. I was so stupid not to try talking to him and only waiting for his actions. Its so annoying. What do you suggest i do?

i tried on Facebook


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  • If he'd wanted to stay in contact... he would. Just take it as a flirt. If you were at an airport, he would have no idea where you were travelling to etc.


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