Is it her turn to arrange the next date?

So last night we went on our 5th date, and it was arranged by me. The fourth date, was arranged by me. The third date... was arranged by me. The second date, was arranged by HER. First date... By me.

I'm feeling like its time to let her decide on the next date. Now... Do i just leave it, and wait for her to invite me out, or should i drop a hint or something that she is in charge of the next one?


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  • Some girls are so used to being chased and not having to do anything that they aren't very good at initating dates or contact. She likley initatiated the second date to let you know she was interetsed then fell into being courted. Mention to her that you'd like to do what she is interested in and want her to show you how she likes to have fun.


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