Why do I attract misandrists?

Why do I tend to romantically attract women who openly profess their hatred of men?


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  • Because you're aman. That's all the reason they need.


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  • Because those are the only women you notice. They openly tell you and you notice them. I'm sure non hating women are attracted but you don't notice them.

    • I never notices these people. They just tell me how it is. That's why it's puzzling.

What Guys Said 1

  • Most women that are still single, are single because they are vile man haters, or because they have had experiences that turned them into man haters. If you are a man, and you are single, then chances are you are going to find several of these women before finding a sane woman that has a healthy view of men.

    • Same goes for men too then? The reason they are single is because they are women haters? You total fucktard.

    • Most of them are woman haters. Have you never listened to them bitch about how women only like bad guys and all the other crap they spew?