Getting out of the female friendzone?

I have known this guy for 8 years and we're childhood friends but I have been in the friendzone for 2 years since I've started liking him. I have decided to ask him out at a dance, but what should I do and should I ask him out at all. Guys specifically, what is your opinion on a girl asking a guy out?


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  • Does this guy even know you like him? If you want to ask him out to a dance then just ask him. There is nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy out. What @cheonsongyi said it is 2014 not like what it was in our parents day or earlier. The modern way of thinking is it does not matter if the guy asks the girl out or the girl asks the guys out.

    • Hey, my first mention! Thanks~ :)

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    • Ok well that is fine, you can ask him out to be your boyfriend. There is nothing wrong with a girl doing that.

    • Ugg... my message may not be clear. What I am trying to say is nothing wrong with you asking him to be your boyfriend. Just ask if you want to.

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  • If nothing happened after 8 years... not gonna happen now


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  • Sorry for coming in here if you didn't want to hear from girls! I think it's fine. I mean like, last we checked it's 2014. It's not like (how my mom thinks) guys must ask the girl out and all that crap. If you have feelings for him ask him out. Maybe your friend is dense and he hasn't noticed yet. Make him notice you and even if he rejects you it's fine because you'll get closer that way. :)

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