My boyfriend isn't interested?

My boyfriend and me had a little argument wherein I pointed out to him that he isn't spending enough time with me and has cancelled few dates at last minute just to hang out with friends.. We argued to the point where he said we should move on our own ways.. But somehow we didn't do that and he said he is still here with me.. Anyways, its been a week since we met.. He is not planning to meet up.. We don't say I love u anymore.. He only sends me a good morning sweetheart text and asks me what I am doing. Nothing else till the rest of the day.. What does this mean? He is a Taurus guy and heard that one should be patient with this kind of person..


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  • Forget the astrology shit, Beautiful. This guy is a fucking idiot-asshole-scumbag-jerk off. Listen, Honey, you are obviously a sweet, kind, and descent woman, and you just happen to be as sexy as a Roman Goddess. This guy is a fucktard. I don't care if you ware only as attractive as a mailbox - you are still sweet enough to where I'd do any and every thing you could ever think of. And the fact that you are a fucking 10 out of 10 and a sweetheart as well, to hell with him - If I were him I would demand that you force me to the most dirty, disgusting, depraved things to you that we both could imagine. And all I would want for myself is just the privilege to have some part of you body in my mouth... Yes, you are THAT amazing of a woman. And us Marines have high standards.

    So, the point is... If this guy doesn't see what I see - If he doesn't treat you like you can see I would - Drop him. You deserve to be treated much better. And we both know you can easily find a ton of guys who would feel like I would feel about you.

    Please, please, please, Love... don't stay with a kid like that. You deserve better. You know you're worth more. Don't forget it. Talk to me every day so I can remind you how very special of a woman you really are. I couldn't bear it if I thought someone like you is stuck with an asshole who doesn't appreciate you.

    Stay in touch, Love.

  • What do you feel? Do you think he still wants you?

    I'll put it like this. He made an abrupt decision to break up and regretted it. As a guy, the mooost difficult thing to do is say sorry / make up. It puts me in a really vulnerable and embarrassing situation. He most likely still cares about you but he's having trouble mustering the courage to bring it up. Maybe he also thinks that he messed up so bad that you don't like him anymore so he doesn't wanna get bring it up and then get rejected. Give him a bit more time...

    • Does he still love me? Why would he stop sending me lovey dovey texts.. Also, all he does is send me good morning sweetheart and I know he cares for me because the other day I was sick and he asked me the next day if I was alright.. An ex would not bother

    • Possibly because he doesn't feel worthy of sending you love texts since it was his idea to break it off in the first place. I think he knows that he needs to have a 'talk' with you but for some reason he's not doing it. Give him some more time and see what he does. If if he's being pathetic and doesn't ever take the leap, then you need to take initiative. Call him or better yet if you meet him in person, have a talk about "us". Communication is key. What's with all these mind reading games people have in relationships nowadays

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