People who think guys "should" ask women out. I want to know why you think so?

I'm asking why you think it's the "guys job."

As in you think "women should not to do it"

Not "women don't want to".

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts; reasons; logic..

Something beyond " just bc. Or it's how I was raised. Or it's how I'm pretty sure my cave fathers did it."

None if these are really very honest as far as the question I asked. You're giving me pseudo psycho- biology motives as to why men should ask women out and I'm asking you to think about why you have a problem with women asking men out. That's the question.

Your answers are veiling the fact that women get rejected for doing it or like snob said called a slut. Women don't "want" that. So when you say women "want men to do it" that's veiling the fact they get punished if they do it themselves.
Anonymous not snob*

As far as men traditionally bringing things... In hunter gatherer societies women brought medicinal cures life sustaining plants nuts berries seeds small game 85% of the calories men survived on And babies. as well as headed agriculture. Women actively brought in. Later they were sequestered into homes by force not by choice.

You're skirting the question; Using recent events in history projecting back in the past as an excuse for your current preference It's dishonest.


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  • I don't have a problem with a woman asking me out. There are several really ballsy girls at my school who ask guys out, and I would love to be one of them. Now, I might feel a little like a pussy for not being the one to make it happen, but I would still be happy to go on the date.


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  • I don't say "women should not to do it" but 95% of the times it's guys who ask women. It became tradition that guys should ask out women. I think this is because actually women got so many options, men doesn't. So they'll need to ask in order to get their dreamgirl.

    Men will feel proud on themselves, they will be like gentleman from inside after succeeding.
    Sometimes girls will get shocked by the unique proposal by their (creative) guy and then they get their man of dreams.
    It will be easier for girls because it will keep up their good reputation/character (society will not consider a girl as slut) & they will not have to become stronger (especially mentally) as girls are considered weaker as compared to guys (actually they are not).

    Sometimes they both love each others but are shy so they end up single.
    It is very bad for men-women communications and friendship.
    People are becoming insecure and feeling themselves loser because they think (for men) they can't approach & they (for women) aren't good enough to be approached.

    So much to write but to keep it simple I tried my best :) Good Luck.

  • I don't necessarily think guys should have to always ask girls out. Whoever wants to ask should feel comfortable asking without having to worry about stupid shit like rep or what people with think.

  • Traditions and the way nature works not just for humans but for other species. Male plants seeds, male brings food, female raises child. This in turn translates to male taking out a girl so he can plant them seeds. It would be indeed awesome if a girl just came up to me and I planted my seeds without effort, such is a dream! (in p*rn)

  • You can ask it too. You are free to ask.

  • Most women "say" they don't believe it should be the guy's job, but nothing changes in the real world and it never will. Most women simply prefer to be passive in that regard, just as they prefer men to be the aggressors in bed. That will never change. It's human nature. Despite all the efforts to prove otherwise, men are women ARE different.

    • Women get rejected for doing it? So do men. Next...

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  • I just rather if they do. At least the first time. Otherwise I'd be afraid that I'm being clingy or moving too fast or something. Once I know where I stand with people then I'd have no issue coming up with a plan. But I just have to feel like its mutual.

  • I just want to make it clear that I'm not one of those people who believe that guys should be the ones to ask women out.

    When a girl tries to pick up a guy, it can sometimes give her a bad rep as a slut/whore.