Will a girl fall for a guy who she had rejected before?

This girl I like , i confessed to her via text message (I know I shouldn't confessed via text message, i didn't think it through). But my question is do I still stand a chance with her even though she rejected my before? I'm planning to ask her to be my valentine next year , how do I go about doing it? If she says yes , what kind flower will be good for a valentine? and should it be just one or a bunch? Oh and her birthday is just the next day which is 15 February , I plan on getting her chocolate , wrap it nicely with a note inside. I intend to give the present when I send her home just before we exchange goodbyes if she said yes and we went out together. HOWEVER , if she said no , i still have the intention of giving her the present , but I know it's gonna be awkward if I give her during class in front of our classmates , so I was wondering if I should call her and meet her privately to give it to her? Sorry!!! , there's so much I want to ask >.< bare with me for a bit :P.
I have another plan , on 14 February which is a Saturday , i was thinking of calling her to meet up and give her the present at like 12pm or 1pm and on the spot I kinda want to ask her to be my valentine while holding a flower. Should I do that? If she says yes , then we'll spend the night together.
And maybe after that day , she'll finally see the real me and maybe change her mind. I don't mean to brag or anything but I'm actually consider a good guy , even my friends says so. If we are together , I'll love her with all my heart , I make her feel like she's the most blessed girl in the world. If i could give her one thing, I would let her see herself through my eyes, only then she'll realise how special she is to me. I know that I shouldn't be planning so ahead and expecting too much but I love her a lot , and I really want to be with her. Hopefully one day , she knows.
Sorry, i asked too much questions , I really need them to be answered :) THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME READING THIS!!


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  • It is possible not likely though


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