She will take pictures of me?

This girl I like at work will take pictures and video of me sometimes. She does it jokingly and I asked her who she sent them to, one time she said she was on snapchat with her best friend and the other time she said she was talking to her sister. She's been over to my house and she took a picture of that too Is this a good sign or not


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  • It doesn't have to be etched in stone here, dear, that your co-worker has a kick for the camera and cam... she puts you on this picture perfect pedestal, working over time Even---------On and off the job Site.
    It's clear, dear, she is Obviously Into you. Even her helpful Hint that she is Sending, not Defending, when she pushed this little button with You on the other end, to her bestie And 'The other time she was talking to her sister.'
    It's a Kodak moment for her so you had better be prepared to not only smile for the camera But to be pampered sometime soon by this little shutter bug who seems snug in your rug.
    She may be hoping for some more after hours when the day is done. You say 'She's been to my house' and with snapping some shots there as well, is telling me she may be hoping to Take More in store if you both would hang out, paint the town red and dance the night away as Possibly------Potential partners.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I would only take pics of a guy i am attracted to , so I guess it is a good sign for your case too


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