She doesn't reply to my more intimate texts, anyone know why?

Whenever i message this girl certain messages, she doesn't reply. She reads them, but doesn't say anything, yet whenever we see each other there is a lot of affection when we hug, and we do kiss/hold hands and stuff.

Like i messaged her to say I enjoyed kissing her last night, but she doesn't reply. But afterwards we talk like normal, and she wants to continue seeing me and stuff, but i can't make out why she doesn't reply to my more intimate messages.

Is it because she is shy? Does she maybe not want that kind of conversation over texting? Can someone, especially the ladies, shed some light on this please, because its not a case of her not being interested (We've been on 5 dates now, yesterday we were holding hands and stuff and we made out), but it does boggle my mind as to why she doesn't respond to these messages...

My brother reckons the messages must've made her blush, or gave her "butterflies" and she didn't know how to respond... Could this be true?

Generally i don't like texting myself anyway, i'm just curious as to why she doesn't respond. She is inexperienced in relationships, and said herself that she is not yet sure what she "should" be doing in a relationship.


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  • It could well indeed be that she is inexperienced in relationships but they're could be many other reasons as to why she isn't replying. As you said she could just be shy about it or maybe she just wants to go slow and thinks that it will get sexual (that's if you guys haven't already had sex). It could also be that she just doesn't know what to reply. You could always bring it up in conversation and see what she says.

    • You wouldn't think it has anything to do with disinterest? Maybe i will talk to her about it the next time i see her... and make it known to her that she doesn't have to be shy with me; that she should just follow her heart.

    • I wouldn't class it as her being disinterested, especially if she is spending time and replying to other messages. Sometimes I'll get messages that I'm not sure what to reply so I end up not replying at all. Other times I'm just a little about it depending on how comfortable I feel with the guy I'm speaking to. Most definitely ask her about it though. I mean for any relationship to need to be able to communicate. Just listen to her reply and try and be understanding. If needed ask why she feels the way she does and go from there.

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  • I would say she's nervous and a little uncomfortable talking about that at those moments. If you see she doesn't respond to it, take your hint and stop talking about it. You don't want to turn her off by talking about that all the time.

    • Yea I don't go on about it. Once its said it's said and I leave it. In fact I stop talking to her all together for a little while and act like nothing happened.

    • You're doing good then, I'm just thinking she's more of a action girl, she'd rather just do those things when the time comes instead of talking about it beforehand.

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  • She's probably very unsure how to respond. I wouldn't worry about it at all. But if it bothers you, since you mention she's "new" to relationships... explain to her what you've observed.

    • It doesn't bother me, but it would be nice to get a response every now and then. If i explain to her the ways, how would i go about doing it without coming across too heavy, or accusing?

    • Just say something like "hey, I noticed sometimes when I send you texts about kissing you or whatever it doesn't seem like you respond. Do you want me to stop sending texts like that?"