I think I messed up and she lost interest in me?

Ok so I meet this girl about a month ago she works at a fastrip close to my house. Thinking about it I felt Like I came on too strong or was clingy like, and within a week of meeting her I asked her out, I asked what she was doing these days she said school and work then I asked for her number she told me she was already talking to someone I was ok and was going to move on. Well a couple days later I went to the store at a different time and wasn't trying to pay her attention I think she felt I wasn't feeling being around her I wasn't, so she did something to make me laugh I did and left, but after that I felt like there was a vibe still there and still continued to go up there to see her but wasn't talking to her much she started to convos and really I was just being polite trying to get a feel of her and where she was coming from. Finally she confronted me and was like why you acting all weird now not talking to me, I bushed it off. So the next time I came in there I tried making a convo but it was like pulling teeth I made her happy but I didn't feel good about it like I was forcing myself, so I didn't go there for a few days and when I went I went at a time I didn't think she would be there she was and I acted like she wasn't there I think I hurt her feelings, I lied about it and went on, few days later again I was trying to avoid her but she was there I walked in seen they didn't have what I wanted and said something and left. I went in there tonight and wanted to talk to her I said what's up and I got a vibe she didn't want to talk so I didn't try to make a convo she replied and I left.

Now I feel really bad like I messed up because I was just trying to figure out if she was playing head games with me or was interested and trying to get a feel for her. I was trying to avoid her and figure things out and ended up coming across as a immature kid. That's just how I feel. I want to apologies but I really just don't know what to do

I went in there last week and she acted as though nothing ever happened. I did what I usually do walked up to her and said hey wassup, and she went right into a conversation, I was like wow, but I don't know I'm still on the fence with her I really like her, but she told me no she wouldn't give me her number cause she already talking to someone so I don't know. people already told me don't take her serious and I don't like to put my feelings and emotions into something for another no.


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  • Ah just relax & next time you see her just try to have a normal convo without hitting on her maybe try to get to know her



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