Who has the power in your relationship?

In my relationship I have the power. He's 2 years younger than me so I usually say what we do. Where we go to eat, how our relationship is going to operate, etc. However I let my guy think he makes important decisions regarding us because it makes him feel in control. Who has the power or wears the pants in your relationship?


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  • Girls let us think we are in control but in reality they are always in control. Same in my relationship, but obviously she does it in such a way that I don't notice lol.

    Tell me, how do you let guys think they make the important decisions?

    • For the most part I'd agree with you. Men generally hold the power when it comes to relationships, however for my relationship this is not the case. Doesn't matter why. I let my guy make choices in what we do. Where we go. What we eat sometimes. He's young and not as experienced so he needs a lot of guidance.

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    • How would I go by doing that? Just curious of some suggestions as I'm seeing him tonight :)

    • Sure. I can tell you how to go about it, but I think we should PM this conversation.


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  • Pretty balanced. She's more likely to act up and start shit, I'm more into not addressing shit and just being like whatever. But as far as decisions, we usually fight about NOT being the one to make them, haha.
    "What should we do for dinner?"
    "I don't care, what do you want?"
    "I don't care. Pick something."
    "I really don't care. YOU pick something."
    No, YOU pick something, I picked yesterday."

    Never a dull moment at the WhiteSteve homestead...

    • Are you happy with your relationship?

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    • I shouldn't illustrate it as a "fight", it's just us both being indecisive and being annoyed at the other for being indecisive, haha

    • That's my bf's problem. He is very indecisive so I take the lead :P

  • Looks like you're keeping him cause he's the only one who will do whatever you say.

    Relationships are like teamwork. You can't tell your partner to do whatever you want them to do.

    • You misunderstood, which isn't your fault. I don't keep him around because he does what I say. He doesn't have a ton of experience so I have to take the lead. I don't tell him what to do. I make decisions because he is indecisive.

  • Your bf sounds like a lucky guy

    • I sense sarcasm, but yes he is. I'm lucky too, but he's luckier ;)

  • You will regret your attitude someday.

    • Why? I don't treat him poorly. He just needs guidance.

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  • It's 50/50. We both take turns deciding what we should do and decisions we should make.

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