I don't want to make my boyfriend have to choose me over his friend?

So it's the holidays and of course that the time where everyone is busy with all these family Christmas get togethers.

Mine with my relatives (which is usually big) is next Saturday. Of course I invited my boyfriend but his army buddy is coming home that day. I'm sure he's already made plans long before last month. Sure I would love for him to come with me to meet my family. It would make me feel so special and happy but I don't want him to feel like he's has to choose between me and his friend. It's his close friend and I understand that. I don't want to be the type of girlfriend that comes in between a guy's friendship. I don't want him to have to feel like he has to choose me Cuz were dating.

I guess I just feel like I'm stuck in a hard spot and a rock. I won't feel mad or anything. Sure a little sad but I won't hold it against him. Sigh. How can I let him know that he doesn't have to choose me over his friend. Or what do you think


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  • I take it that your going out of town and splitting the day or even him making a short appearance is out of the question. It's a tough choice either way and I don't have a answer sorry. However I think it's nice you realize the situation and sympathetic about it.


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  • Just tell him he should spend time with his friend.


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