Have you ever been in this situastion?

So i recently began dating this guy. I went on a date with him not expecting to like him, it was a casual thing. But than he was really cool and we hit it off very quickly.

I got out of a 6 years relationship last year, and my ex has moved on but I've taken some time to focus on me and done a lot lately. Of course time to time i miss having someone to cuddle with so i date a little.

But this guy was a lot of fun so we have been on five dates and he hasn't been in a relationship before but seem very confident and mature. We have also had sex.

But after our last date that was totally amazing I've noticed I've begun developing feelings for him which is not good. I dont think im looking for anything serious at the moment.
So I've basically begun to ignore him and not contacting him so often and he has written me a lot and i feel horrible because he likes me and im not looking for anything serious..

He asked me straight out if something was wrong and i told him im not looking for anything serious because i have a lot going on and im glad he asked me.
I wanted to remain as friends because he is a cool guy.

We havnt spoken for weeks, now..
Im a total jerk? has anyone done this before and totally regrettet it+
Met a good guy or a good girl and ruined it? why?


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What Guys Said 1

  • As a guy I can only respect your decision. He probably likes you but can never blame you for your honesty. Give him some time and I am sure you will remain friends

    • Ye but at the same time im on tinder talking to others.. i mean im not into anything serious

    • That's what I mean you told him the truth... u don't want anything serious. You are free to do what you want doesn't mean he is gonna like I but it's fair. ..

What Girls Said 1

  • I can't say the exact same thing has happened to me but I've definitely been in situations where guys were into me but the feelings just weren't 100% there for me and the timing were also just not right. You're not a jerk for anything. You were totally honest about your feelings and intentions which is amazing. Honesty is key and you did that so there's no reason to feel bad.

    • I mean is it normal to say no when people feel the timing is bad? like would you say no to dating if you had a lot going on in your life? if a guy did that to you would you think he respects you and doesn't want to use you ? i mean i could just had used him for sex.. but is it wrong of me to ignored him until he asked me? was it a brave thing that he asked?

    • Yeah I'd definitely think he respects me well enough to tell me the truth and not play me. It is normal to say no when timing is wrong. You must feel 100% ready for it otherwise it's not worth it for you or the other person involved. I think it was brave for him to ask... he must have liked you quite a lot to care about it in the first place. You could have maybe not ignored him but that doesn't change much so there's no need in over thinking it or having regrets.

    • Ye and i met him again you know, we went on a walk and it was a lot of fun but than again i was like ok he is a great guy and we have fun but i can't continue this because he will think its more than friendship..