Any guys here been successful on dating sites?

I was on 6 dating sites and never had a date , have you ever met anyone? Or not?


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  • I met my first bf on one that only lasted five months and my current bf i met on one as well. You have to set your profile to attract the women you want. It won't be instant. If u like video games put that, career, schooling, etc . If you are looking for long term put that!!! be urself, but be carefull as well there are real nutty people online. Make sure u take good photos, put what you like, what turns you, if your bad at flirting put that. The more honest you are the better chances of finding a girl who accepts you for all ur quirks and great things.

    • No one will , I have not accepted my self so no one will I am very unhappy the my I am and the way I think and the way of everything

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    • Yea you should def see a counselor or talk to a close friend or family member. Just keep ur head up things always work out

    • Do they? If you have kids and they are getting bullied. You put a stop to it straight away I mean this! Your kids could end up like me. And if I have kids a big if , and they are getting bullied thats it I would be straight in the school !

  • Never used it.


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