I'm so freaking into her, but I can't figure her out? Go hard or go home?

So I met this girl (A) about 2 months ago, at that moment I liked this other girl (B), but I did think about A too, but my brain said go for B... So yeah, that spark died, without me doing anything, and during that I saw A more frequently (at parties, events, etc..) and I fell for her. We're a bit different, and I can't get her, so yeah, Facebook chatting is terrible, she rarely asks me anything, but she isn't an asshole too. When I asked her out for a coffee/walk, she said yeah. Then we went out, and we talked and I made her laugh, then we went to these friends at another coffee, and she left without saying bye (I think I just missed her, go). And then last week I did something pretty stupid... At this party I got high and in my stupid moment I thought it would be wise to chase after her (she'd already left like 5 min before that), so I caught up with her, but unintentionally, scared her, cause she was standing there (midnight in the middle of the street) looking at her phone and stuff. Then I walked her home and she was really upset about me scaring the crap outta her. And I couldn't quite be sure if she was joking (damn actress), or not :D In the end she didn't even say bye, she just walked in and I was like "aren't you gonna say bye", and she replied "nope" and bam went the door :D

Should I continue pursuing her, by that I mean go out again and kiss her? Or do you think it's a total bust?

quick update, if you could give me some tips, as to how to find out for (pretty) sure if she's into me?


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  • Let her go.

  • Don't push her.


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