What are the signs of a rebound?

Are there any people who have had rebounds that have lasted for a bit but still were just rebounds? Do you think you love the person? Do you want to spend all your time with the person? How long after a break up is it still considered a rebound when you start dating again? Is the person usually like your ex or opposite? When do rebounds usually end? What are the signs?


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  • Rebound = jumping into a new relationship to "replace" the old one, to avoid the difficulty of heartbreak, moving on, or being alone.

    -Trying to force intimacy too fast (trying to pick up where you left off with the ex)

    -Needing reassurance, entertainment or attention all the time

    -Claiming the new person is "the one" although you barely know him or her

    -Bitterness toward the opposite sex

    -Excessively comparing the new person to the ex, or talking excessively about the ex

    Basically a rebound is a distraction, or a way to dodge the responsibility of moving on. There's no timeframe that says what is/isn't a rebound, but the biggest sign is that the relationship just doesn't develop naturally- everything happens way too fast because the rebounder is just transferring their strong emotions from one person to the next.

    • Well my ex has in the last 4 mnths latched on to a girl that he had absolutely no interest in before our break up and he spends all of his extra time with her when her kids aren't around..he tells her he loves her...and she has told me that he use to talk a lot about me...he didn't start talking to her until 3 mnts after our break up and they have been together for about 4 mnths, she is totally everything he has always despised in a woman yet he loves her? we were together for 9 years...

    • It's pretty much impossible to know how he really feels... I've been in a similar position and it sucks. 9 years is a long time and I would guess that he hasn't totally healed in 4 months. But that's just a guess, and what does it matter anyway? If he's really in love he's not coming back, and if he's rebounding he is immature and you shouldn't WANT him back. Focus more on getting over him than worrying about if he's over you.

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