Been dating for 2 months and have texted and talked on the phone a lot from day 1 all of a sudden texting and phone calls have slowed way down?

I have been dating a new guy for 2 months we really hit it off since day one and have been texting non stop.. hanging out every weekend and have recently introduced our kids to each other as we are both single parents... suddenly he has been texting me far less and I don't know why? Help my mind is getting the best of me on this one


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  • There could be a number of reasons as to why text messaging and phone calls have slowed right down. He might be very busy with his job, family/kids, needs some alone time or he could quite possibly be cooling on your relationship unfortunately.

    • Ya that may be the case.. thank you

    • @Asker
      You're welcome and try not to stew over this too much. I'm sure he'll be touch with you again soon :-)

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