Do women love getting attention from several guys?

my ex told me she wants me but she's confused on what she wants. She's saying she's a horrible person cause she wants attention from several guys & me.

We broke up a few months ago & she contacted me & we're taking it slow but she's out sleeping/talking to several guys. What is going through her mind?


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  • She's a whore and an attention whore. No contact and move on.


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  • girls love attention from men whether they admit it or not but if she's sleeping and leading them on.. she's a whore... find someone that will treat you right

    • The thing that sucks is we were together for 4 years & I was her first love & everything. She did get attention from men but she rejected them & only wanted it from me.

      Ever since the BU she still keeps talking to them while we take it slow.

    • sounds like she's done.. i know its hard but you can't wait forever for someone to come around if they won't.. but who knows maybe she will! i hope the best for you!

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  • Yes, don't give them attention and she will get upset probably and maybe even go to you haha. It's happened to me and I have read accounts of it. It has to be true. Think about it