What are some good date ideas for a 2nd date?

Went on a 1st date last night with this girl I've only been talking to a few days. Date went so well that we ended up making out for at least 30-40 minutes. Anyway... she said that she really wanted to go out again soon. I would like to text her soon and let her know I would like to go out Saturday, but I'm not sure where to go. On the first date, we went to the bar and both had a bud-light and then walked around town, sat on a bench and talked and made out for a while. What should I do for the next date to make it more exciting? Here are some things I was thinking, but I don't know if they are too typical or boring:


-Roller Skating Rink

-Get Sushi and walk around an upscale shopping center that has a lake in the center of it.


-Club (she likes to dance)


Any suggestions? I don't get out much (due to work) so I am not familiar with the area or things to do.


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  • Bowling seems like a fun date

  • How about weekend dates going on hike or beach or an amusement park.

    • I work weekends. And I live in Texas XD... beaches and hiking are sort of out of my range XD.

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